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The use of sword knot has a long history dated to ancient times when swords were widely used as the main weapons during war. Back then, they were used to firmly hold the sword at the right place. Today, sword knot have found more use in the society especially during events that require a dressing code that is more ornamental alongside with other decorative pieces of regalia. Its design has too has changed where the use of two straps is now attracting the most use. There are two designs mostly used. Active service knots are featured with plain buff leather strap while the fill dress type comes with many decorations and finished using gold, silver cords and tussle among many ornamental materials that are mounted to suit the intended purpose.

            Bullion badges are also popular wear that are mounted on other clothing especially as blazer patches and blazer crests. The bullion badges need to be hand embroidered thus they requires artisan with vast expertise to be able to embroider them using gold and silver bullion wire, silk and cotton pearl threads that are used to sew them together on wool, felt, blazer or a velvet depending on the customerís specifications. Although there are more ready bullion badges available for sale, at hand embroiders, you can inquire to be made one that fits your desire and get it in relatively short time. Our able craftsmen are able to make you badges as patches matching the requirements in your order and deliver it to your doorstep at much discounted prices. We also have a lot of wide range materials of top products so have have a wide scope selection. All new and existing customers are welcomed to view the latest collections we have and make orders. We also have a 24/7 customer support to help guide you through your purchase..

4 months ago
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