About Slideroll

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Slideroll is online slideshow software that allows people to create smooth, video-like slide shows and publish them on the web. Slideroll is unique because it has all of the power of a desktop application, plus all of the connectivity benefits of being online. Slideroll even allows you to easily put Flash movies on your site without having to learn Flash.

What is Slideroll Good For?

  • Photo Sharing - share your photos in new and exciting ways!
  • Storytelling - share events from your lives moment by moment.
  • Baby Pictures, Birthdays, Holidays - when family is far away, bring them closer by documenting your life.
  • Ebay Auction Slide shows - c'mon ebayers! What better way to sex up your product than to show it off in a slide show?
  • Advertising Real Estate - show shots from your prime lots.
  • Hotels & Bed and Breakfasts - people want to see what it's like to stay there, show them in a dynamic and compelling way.
  • Political Campaigns - show candidates on the campaign trail.
  • Vacations - don't want to bore your friends with a slide show in your living room? Bore them online!
  • School Field Trips - students will love to comment on shots from their latest trip!

Online Authoring, Editing, Publishing, and Communication

Slideroll Screenshots

Slideroll is slideshow software that publishes online, and is always available from any PC connected to the internet. That means you can create and edit slide shows from anywhere you have a computer with internet access. Slide shows are published online so everyone can see them, and post comments on them if you wish.

Compact, Accessible Movies

Slide shows created in Slideroll are 100% Flash — a plugin that is on 98% of all computers on the internet. That means you don't need any special software to view fluid-motion, dynamic slide shows, and neither do your friends or family.

Privacy Options

Have photos of your kids or private photos from a vacation? You can publish your movie privately and e-mail the link to only your closest friends, or just keep it to yourself.

Low Subscription Price

Slideroll is priced so that you can have fun with your digital photos without breaking the bank. You can rest easy knowing that these small fees go towards keeping the Slideroll service active and reliable.

Commercial Licensing

Interested in adding online slideshow functionality to your web site? Slideroll is available for commercial licensing. We can even customize the application to feature your own site's branding, and help you integrate it seamlessly into your own web site. For licensing and pricing information, contact us.

Slideroll is created by Geoff Gaudreault, senior web designer at NPR.org.

Geoff is always looking for business opportunities on the web. If you are interested in his services, or in adapting Slideroll technology for use on your own site, please drop him a line.